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Simone has been singing ever since she was a small child and has through the years been very versatile as a singer, starting with church-choirs, going on to singing in a soul-band as well as touring with an irish trio and at 19 being part of starting a jazz club in her hometown. Eventually she moved to Stockholm and got an education in classical music and opera. But after a few years in Stockholm and Amsterdam she returned to the place where she grew up, the beautiful coastal-town Kalmar in the south of Sweden. In 2011 she began singing jazz full-time with Simone Bastani trio and in 2015 she was part of the celebration of Frank Sinatra 100 together with Sandviken Big Band and other renowned artists in Sweden. She realized that her heart  truly is in jazz-music and by now Simone is a skilled jazz-singer working with different projects and musicians in Sweden. She recently decided to take a break from her job as a music-teacher and is now performing regurlarly. 

"Simone är ju den enda kvinnan som är med och hon bländade mig." Kristin Amparo, Expressen 20150911

"För Christer Sjögren var det ett självklart val.
-Hon överträffade alla andra." Baromtern-OT 20150909

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